distance (silenceprevails) wrote,

Now its overhead~skeleton on display

walking off alone with your back to the one you said you loved, stepping out of skin we created together andf its never ending, but you ended it. im prepared for the heartache almost, i could not detect it in your eyes, and every moment that i had to give was dedicated by your side. all the nights we held eachother dear, never did i dream that it would end. and your breath against my neck i fear was my only reason for breathing. i will always miss you i will always. according to the facts you casually laid before me all your intrest died. im nodding with you head just to agree . i need a promise not a prediction but its to late to save our love.if it was never there at least i know, ill always have my dignity and fear. i will always miss you i wil always miss you i will always. i am a skeleton on display.

wow, ive been pretending i wasnt so sad lately, but today for some reason its very aparent.
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