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so its been a while i know. i guess the internets kinda lost its charm lately.
lifes been really good, but theres been some tough times too.
i got kicked out of school till october for being late.
fortunately i didnt get in too deep of shit with my parents when they figured it out so i guess thats good, but it doesnt change the fact that i fucked up and lied to them....
i met a really fantastic girl who i had really high hopes for.
and as far as me and my friends could tell things were looking pretty good for me.
but a trip to moscow with everyone last week ended up with her going home with a random model guy and me not even getting tipsy dancing all alone all night trying to distract myself from the obvious disapointment.
i guess i learned my lesson when it comes to reading to far into thing, or have high hopes, or optimism.
at least in my love life that is.
its pretty sweet how fast the lonlyness can crawl back.
and its pretty sweet how i smoke like a chimney now.
i keep telling myself im young and ive got plenty of time to fill the viod
but then again, the only people that can be satisfied and confident in that are the people who are older and better off.
when the empty feeling is going on in the here and now, it only makes sense to try and figure out how to fix it in the here and now.
i have three new songs none of you have heard, and i swear im trying to upload two of them to myspace, but myspace hates me so when it stops and givers me a proper apology........ ill let you all know.

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